About Me


I was born somewhere in ’87 in a small village in Evoia called Pili,
there was a lot of snow, so I’ ve been told.

Just a few years later, I realized I liked to create and design things. My first creations were wooden stools –a lot of them! – made-out of wood scraps found at the local carpentry shop, which looked like small wooden boxes.
Since there were not many things to do in the village, we used to play war games and therefore I became a weaponsmith, making wooden swords, shields and bows.
What impressed me the most, were the electronic circuits – I removed all the pcbs from all my toys, Ι imagined pcbs as small towns.
When I was not destroying my toys, I used to paint or play music.

When I grew older, I decided I want to be an electronic engineer and since there was no such school close by, I moved in 2001 with my family to Nea Filadelfeia Attikis. I graduated as Audiovisual Communications Technician and later as Biomedical Technology Technician.

I ended up working as Junior systems engineer for an IT company and today I am the IT security officer for a large company.

Even today I still design and create things. Luckily, my wife loves me and is very patient with me, as all my tools are scattered all over the house.

My Work

Below you will see some pictures from my projects.